Das Janson

Male Human Jedi Knight with Healing abilities and a Padawan in tow.


Das Janson had always been intuitive with healing. He used to find and fix wounded animals and his brothers and sisters never really needed to go to a doctor when he was around. It was like he could take some of their pain into him and it would go away.

Das was drawn into a militia (Soldier Level 1) at a very young age due to the constant pirate attacks on Taanab. He became his unit’s medic almost immediately upon showing an aptitude for it and many of his closest friends owe him a life debt due to his quick skill with a medpack. During a particularly vicious attack on the outskirts of Pandath, Das was battlefield promoted to Sergeant (Noble 1) when his leaders were all killed. Das led his unit for several months

He was noticed by a failed Jedi, a healer, part of the Medical Corps stationed at the chapter house for the Agricultural Corps in the capital city of Pandath. While he was tending to the wounded in his unit, the healer that noticed his latent force capability saw Das place an injured soldier into a force trance so that surgery could be performed on him in the field. The MedCorp personnel pointed him out to a Jedi Healer, Or’than Krr. Krr offered to work with the boy and hone his force potential. While Das was not taken back to a Jedi temple, Or’than did begin to instill in him the basics of the Jedi tenants. (Jedi 1)

When Krr was recalled to Coruscant, he drew Das along with him to present to the council. In less war torn times, the council would have rejected Das out of hand, but there is war brewing and the Sith are recruiting any and all Force sensitives to their cause. They have given Or’than tentative permission to watch over the new apprentice( Jedi 2-3).

Things didn’t turn out as expected and Das was immediately thrust into a mission to seek out a Sith plot.

Das has had a great deal of time to contemplate where he fits in the Force. He has been assigned tasks next to merciless bounty hunters and ruthless Sith, even healed them so they could continue to fight. His first padewan was hurled into a pool of molten steel which cracked his otherwise temperate shell. He does not know if he is being tested by the Force for something greater or if he is walking the path as given to him.

He reckons that with this horrible experimentation being done on people that he must trust that the Force has a plan and that he, and his erstwhile companions, are on the path that is expected to stop it.

Das Janson

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